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The Industry Hills Expo Center has evolved into a premier live entertainment venue having hosted exclusive events in the San Gabriel Valley.

Our venue has hosted a variety of major events and festivals.

The all-weather enclosed Grand Arena, Industry Hills Expo Center’s main attraction, can seat over 5,000 spectators it boasts:
     •   A 45,000 sq. ft. floor
     •   A scoreboard with four 70’ projector screens
     •   A 10,000 watt fully equipped JBL/QSC sound system

With its impressive show grounds and awesome view of the valley, it is a favorite among spectators.

This versatile venue can be converted to specific configurations and is capable of hosting a wide range of events.

Other events include:
     •   Motorcycle Speedway Racing
     •   Non-Profit events
     •   Professional Boxing
     •   Rodeos
     •   Horse Shows
     •   Music Festivals
     •   Seminars
     •   Sporting Events
     •   Cultural Festivals

For more information or to book the Grand Arena, please call: (626) 330-0324

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