Kelly Inman
Track Director

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Mom Shirley ran the pits at Ascot, Costa Mesa and Glen Helen for 28 years. Dad Bob sold parts at the track, pitted for Alan Christian and sponsored Billy Hamill in the early days of his European career; Inman is a respected name in Speedway racing. Continuing the family tradition Kelly’s credentials are just as impeccable.

• 1968 - Started going to Speedway with mom and dad
• 1972 - Gene Woods moves in next door. At 14 he becomes Woods pit man.
• 1982 - First 500cc bike. Practices daily with local racer and friend Greg Hancock at Indian Dunes. Their 35-year-old friendship remains true.
• 1984 – Races Speedway four nights a week and ICE in the off-season.
• 1989 - Seriously injured during Handicap Main event at Ascot ends racing career.
• 1991 – Starts sponsoring riders.
• 1992 – Starts pitting full time. Works with Steve Russell, Scotty Brant, Chris Manchester, Greg Hancock, Kelly Moran, Josh Larsen, Jason Crump, and Tyson Burmeister. Puts ten U.S. National titles under his belt as the mechanic.
• 1993 to 1998 - Races Pro Formula 125 shifter carts
• 1998 - Races Sprint cars at Irwindale Speedway
• 1999 - Races Sprint cars at Perris Auto Speedway
• 1996-1999 – Team Manager X Factory Top Fuel Hydro Drag Boat.
• 1999 – Races "Ultra Wheels" spec trucks
• 2005 -2006 – Industry Speedway co-Promoter at The Grand, City of Industry.
• Co promoted the World Famous Gumball Rally with Billy Hamill
• Currently runs Specialized Powder and Ceramic Coating

Come join us for a whole new experience at America’s premier Speedway facility.

Carol Perez
Marketing & Promotions

I was first introduced to the world of racing back in the 70’s when I accompanied my father to the 605 Speedway when he worked for Hank the Crank. We would get pit passes and I would stand there in complete awe, watching the races, smelling the fuel with ear protectors on.

My first time on a motorcycle was on my Uncles 73’ blue Honda 50cc Trail bike. I rode that bike up and down the alley at my grandmother’s house – he couldn’t get me off that bike the summer of 1975, I had NO FEAR.

In the 80’s I talked my dad into buying me a 1980 Honda CB125. It was red and it was so much fun, until I wreaked it trying to avoid a dog. I had to lay it down in the street with my little brother on the back of the bike. Mom quickly sold that bike that same weekend, even with a tweaked mirror and scratched tank.

I’ve been around quads, dirt bikes and of course Speedway during its inaugural year of 2003. My favorite racer at that time was Shawn “Mad Dog” McConnell with his signature – “kick-out” when he went into the turns on the track.

In 2011 – Industry Racing was created as a division of Industry Hills Expo Center. Our Team wanted to improve the Speedway Program at the Expo Center and we asked Track Director Kelly Inman to lead us. We didn’t have to twist Kelly’s arm too hard for him to return to Speedway. There was a large learning curve our first year but with GREAT sponsors, awesome track staff & our Expo Team, we rose to the occasion and earned the 2014 AMA TRACK ORGANIZER OF THE YEAR!!

The Youth program has been nurtured, developed and has grown over the years with the help of our D1 racers, Billy Hamill, Billy Janniro & Shawn McConnell riding academies. We are excited about our upcoming 2015 season adding two more race nights to the program this year. We are very honored this year to introduce for our season opener - The 1st Annual Connor Penhall Memorial Cup.

We invite you to come out, listen to some live rock music, GREAT food & drinks and of course, American Speedway Motorcycle Racing. It’s GREAT fun for the entire family!!

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